Perl is an excellent programming language that is frequently used for creating CGI scripts and a number of web-based applications. Among its major advantages is the fact that it works with modules - ready-made batches of code which are employed to perform multiple tasks and to extend the performance of a given script without slowing it with unneeded lines of code. To put it simply, when five tasks need to be executed, you are able to use five lines of program code in order to call each of the modules rather than adding a few hundred lines used to create the actual modules inside your script. Perl is very handy and it may be used for various purposes, that's why many companies have integrated it in their web products or on their high-traffic websites - cPanel, IMDB, Craigslist, BugZilla, BBC and a lot more. It is generally used in addition to other programming languages such as PHP or Python.

Perl Scripting in Web Hosting

In case you obtain a web hosting from our company, you are able to run Perl/CGI scripts without a problem because we have plenty of modules on the cloud hosting platform where the shared accounts are generated. With each plan, you'll have access to more than 3000 modules which you're able to employ in your scripts and you will find the entire list within your Hepsia hosting Control Panel as well as the path which you need to use to access them. When you use any kind of script that you've downloaded from some third-party site, you can rest assured that it will work correctly regardless of what modules it requires for that. Any kind of .pl script can be executed manually or you'll be able to set up a cron job to do this automatically at a pre-set time interval. If your website hosting package does not include cron jobs, you'll be able to include this option with a couple of clicks inside the Upgrades area of your Control Panel.